Knick Knack Paddywhack Dog Gear

Sizing & Fit Guide


For proper sizing we recommend snuggly measuring your dog's neck & add 1-1.5" to allow some room for a comfortable fit.

Buckle & Martingale Collar Sizing Guide:

If you’re unsure of the appropriate size or need any guidance please feel free to reach out. Standard shipping charges apply on exchanges.

Martingales Fitting Recommendations: 

Adjust the martingale collar to a circumference where it comfortably slips over the dogs head. Pulling up on the D ring will test how well you’ve fitted the collar. If the rectangle brass hardware on the collar is touching (where the control loop meets the larger loop around your dog’s neck), the collar is too loose & needs to be tightened. There should be between 1.5-2 inches of width between the 2 brass rectangle loops.  

Harnesses: Measure the neck (A) & chest circumference (B) from just behind the front legs.

Chest Sizing Guide:

Neck Sizing Guide:

Breed Sizing Guide:

Sizing overlap is for growing dogs. If you’re unsure of the appropriate size or need any guidance please feel free to reach out.

Harness Fitting Recommendations: 

We're often asked how tight a harness should fit &nd the answer often surprises people. Snugger than you think. A loose harness is going to move around on the dog causing friction & potential matting. A properly fit harness will move with the elasticity of the skin reducing the amount of friction on the body. When fitting the back loop you should be able to fit 1 or 2 fingers under the loop comfortably.  

When clipping to the front O ring we suggest adjusting the front loops to a circumference where the harness can just slip over the head. This will result in a tighter fit on the front of the harness & amplify the effects of a front clip harness. 

Additionally adjusting the lower strap will allow the back loop to sit farther back on the dog. This is great for longer, lean dogs.

Please be aware that standard shipping charges apply on exchanges.